KAIRI Suffered Injury Days Before IWGP Women’s Championship Win

KAIRI made history by becoming the first IWGP Women’s Champion this past week, and did so while nursing an injury.

At NJPW x STARDOM Historic X-Over, KAIRI won the title in the main event of the show against Mayu Iwatani.

Taking to Twitter, the former WWE Superstar explained that she suffered a sprain during training, and nearly gave up because it hurt to walk.

“Four days before the match, during ring practice, I sprained myself in a flashy fall. I was told that it would take three weeks for a full recovery, and I almost gave up because it hurt to walk. However, with the support of many people, I was able to fight through the two battles with my willpower. really really Thank you very much.”

KAIRI left WWE’s weekly programming in 2020 and served as an ambassador for the promotion in Japan until her full departure earlier this year.

Since leaving, the former NXT Women’s Champion has earned a bachelor’s degree, competed for STARDOM and gotten married.

Source: EWrestlingNews

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