R-Truth Apparently Injured During Match On WWE NXT

Veteran WWE Superstar R-Truth apparently suffered a lower leg injury during his match against Grayson Waller on the 11/01 episode of “WWE NXT.”

During the early stages of the match, Truth attempted a Tope con Giro / Vaulting Senton with Waller in position to take the bump on the outside. However, Truth evidently slipped and landed on the floor, barely touching Waller at all. Truth immediately clutched at his leg as WWE cut to a commercial break. During the break, the picture-in-picture remained focused on Waller, who returned to the ring and spent several minutes mocking the crowd at the WWE Performance Center. When “NXT” returned on the air, it was announced that Truth was unable to continue the match, as he was helped to the back by WWE medical personnel.

Waller used the opportunity to generate more heat for his character, cutting a promo and even performing a spinaroonie to taunt 2-time WWE Hall of Famer Booker T as he gloated about the win. 

Truth has been a regular fixture on both “WWE Raw” and “NXT” in recent weeks, interrupting promo segments from the likes of Brock Lesnar, Baron Corbin, Johnny Gargano, and The Miz. During this time, Truth has been stepping out to the ring every time any Superstar has uttered the word “truth” during a promo. 

The Waller vs. R-Truth match was set up on last week’s “NXT” after Waller undermined Wes Lee’s North American Title victory at Halloween Havoc, stressing that “the truth” was Lee did not deserve to win any championship gold in WWE. This led to R-Truth interrupting the segment, before erroneously welcoming the crowd to Halloween Havoc. The segment ended with Truth & Lee tossing Waller to the outside after Waller challenged Truth to a match.

WWE has yet to provide an update on R-Truth’s injury status at the time of this posting.

Source: Wrestling Inc.

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