Becky Lynch To Appear On The Season Premiere Of “Young Rock”

The third season of The Rock’s “Young Rock” series will premiere this Friday on NBC at 8:30 PM EST.

WWE’s Becky Lynch, billed under her real name of Rebecca Quinn, will be playing rock star Cyndi Lauper in the episode, according to

The episode will be about a party Lauper throws around WrestleMania 1 with actors portraying Hulk Hogan, Mr. T, Vince McMahon, Lou Albano, and Liberace.

When the series was being cast, Lauper was listed as a possible recurring character, so this may not be Lynch’s only appearance on the show. Here is the plot for the episode that is titled “The People Need You:”

“After losing the election, Dwayne Johnson is ready to withdraw from politics. In 1985, Rocky Johnson learns there’s consequences to crossing Vince McMahon.”

Lynch has been sidelined for the last couple of months due to a separated shoulder and unfortunately, it’s been reported that she is nowhere close to returning to in-ring action.