Backstage News on What AEW Requested for Billy Gunn to Appear on WWE RAW With DX

With Triple H, Sean Waltman, Shawn Michaels, and Road Dogg reuniting to close the October 10th edition of WWE Raw, D-Generation X celebrated their 25th anniversary.

Billy Gunn of AEW was noticeably absent from the reunion. According to reports, WWE considered bringing Gunn back for the reunion, but that did not happen.

Gunn’s longtime tag team partner, Road Dogg, stated on his podcast that Gunn wanted to appear and that it broke both of their hearts that it didn’t happen. He also stated that Triple H, Michaels, and Waltman were upset that Gunn didn’t appear.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Dave Meltzer reported that WWE and AEW were in “meaningful talks” about having Gunn appear on the show. Money was not a factor because neither WWE nor AEW President Tony Khan offered or requested money.

According to Meltzer, “Khan agreed to let him do to the show, but on the air, they would have to mention he’s from AEW, or that AEW allowed him to appear or some wording, but there had to be one mention that in some form he works for AEW, just as WWE already did when they got Mickie James for the Royal Rumble this past year.”

According to the report, WWE stalled when responding to Khan and would not agree to the terms at the last minute.

Source: PWMania