Warner Bros. Discovery Working With AEW To Create More ‘Shoulder Programming’

There have been a lot of reports this year about cost-cutting across the various Warner Bros. Discovery networks, which has caused concern about the future of AEW as they approach negotiations for the next television deal. 

The Hollywood Reporter has an interview with Warner Bros. Discovery US Networks Group chair and chief content officer Kathleen Finch. 

In the interview, Finch seemed happy with the ratings that AEW has done. AEW usually ranks number 1 among all programs in the key demos on Wednesday nights, which has been touted in recent press releases sent out by Warner Bros. Discovery. 

Finch noted that they are looking at adding more wrestling content. 

“We really play in the sports space. One of the things that we’re doing around sports is creating shoulder programming to hold onto those fans. AEW [All Elite Wrestling] pulls huge numbers, so we are working with the wrestling team to figure out what new kind of content can we build that’s not in a wrestling ring.”

Source: EWrestlingNews