New White Rabbit QR Code – ‘Let Me In’ Message Featured, Plus A Teaser Video Airs On WWE SmackDown

Another QR code aired on this week’s episode of WWE SmackDown, with this one strongly hinting at the return of “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt.

During the opening segment of the show, Triple H cut a brief promo to welcome everyone to the season premiere of SmackDown. There was a QR code on his microphone, which leads to a video that you can view below.

In the video, the same pig cartoon from previous videos is featured, this time with “Let Me In” playing repeatedly. Of course, “Let Me In” is the catchphrase Bray Wyatt often used during his time in WWE as “The Fiend.”

The Wyatt teases didn’t end with just a QR code on this week’s show held in Worcester, Massachusetts. For the first time ever, a white rabbit teaser video actually played on television, as a white rabbit was shown running through a forest until a giant portal in the ground opened up, causing him to fall into the rabbit hole. This was followed by a few riddles and the text “Tomorrow Night” and “10.8.22” flashing through the screen, confirming earlier reports that the big white rabbit unveil will take place this Saturday at the Extreme Rules event in Philadelphia. The video ended with the text “Feed Your Head.”

That’s not all. According to fans at the DCU Center, a person in a white rabbit costume was seen randomly walking around the arena during Friday’s show. Plus the person in the white rabbit costume was seen sitting behind the announce table.

If Wyatt does indeed show up Saturday, it remains to be seen he returns as “The Fiend” or introduces the wrestling world to a brand new character.

Sources: EWrestlingNews and Wrestling Inc.