Andrade El Idolo Punched Sammy Guevara In An Apparent Attempt To Get Fired By AEW

Andrade El Idolo was sent home by AEW on Wednesday night after he got into a fight backstage with Sammy Guevara, who was working the main event of Dynamite. 

This occurred after they had a verbal altercation on Twitter, during which Guevara accused El Idolo of wanting to make a comeback in WWE.

Many fans were under the impression that this was all an act and part of a storyline in which Andrade would compete in a mask vs. career match against 10 from the Dark Order on Friday’s Rampage. That match will not take place any more.

On today’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer brought up the fact that Andrade had stated on Twitter during the exchange with Guevara that he wasn’t scared to get fired, as well as the belief that Andrade is trying to get out of his AEW deal.

“Andrade’s trying to get fired, we all know that….when guys want to leave, some will go to great extremes to do that. It’s happened with WWE. I’ve talked to people in WWE who’ve tried to get fired with some of the craziest things in the world, and I’ve told them it’s not gonna work. There were some crazy stories of people trying to do things to get fired. Getting in a fight was never one of them, but there are things much crazier than that from people who wanted to leave and get out and were not going to be allowed to do that because the company wasn’t going to release them. So now the situation is on the other front, where there are a few people, and it’s not that many, it’s like three that wanna leave [AEW]. There’s different stories and whatever, and Andrade’s one of them.”

Meltzer then added, “So, Tuesday night, they were talked to. Both of them were told no fighting. Andrade was told, ‘If this is your idea, you’re not gonna get fired if you fight, but you will be sent home’. Andrade said, ‘Don’t worry, nothing’s gonna happen. There’s gonna be no fight.’ This was Tuesday night. Sammy was the same thing, ‘Nothing’s gonna happen’. They had security there. Everybody was warned ahead of time.”

Bryan Alvarez and Meltzer both mentioned that they were aware of the fact that they had heard several distinct accounts of how the altercation initially began.

Alvarez stated, “Sammy in fact didn’t throw any punches. One person did say that Andrade spun Sammy around, and Sammy shoved him, and then Andrade punched him. The other stories were that Andrade just punched him and that Sammy didn’t fight back.”

Meltzer mentioned that a reliable source had told him the following, “Andrade was waiting in the hallway, got two punches in before it was broken up, and Sammy didn’t fight back.”

Meltzer pointed out that Sammy didn’t appear to have any bruises on his face due to the punches he took during the backstage altercation at Dynamite.

“He did throw two punches, and it was broken up right away and Andrade was sent home.”

You can listen to the Wrestling Observer Radio below:

Source: PWMania