WWE’s White Rabbit Reveal Expected To Happen At Extreme Rules

WWE’s White Rabbit teasers have been a pretty big success. Wrestling fans have been hypothesizing who exactly the clues are pointing to, and while it seems likely they are pointing to Bray Wyatt, there are a few other names out in the ether. Even a clue hinting it might be Malakai Black has been discovered, although that seems very unlikely considering his current status.

The clues have taken the form of videos, QR codes, and even flyers on fans’ cars outside WWE shows. What fans want to know is when exactly these teasers are going to amount to something. The initial implication was that whoever the White Rabbit is would be revealed on the September 23 episode of SmackDown. That didn’t happen, and now all eyes are on Extreme Rules.

That’s following a new report from Fightful Select (via WrestlingHeadlines). Apparently the idea was met with doubt from some backstage at first, but now everyone is on board due to its popularity and execution. The internal belief is the reveal will happen at Extreme Rules, but how exactly that will happen and whether they will actually be there remains unclear.

There’s also the potential for plans to change as well, of course. Even without Vince McMahon running the show, there’s always a chance that things might change whether it be due to an injury, or simply a change in the direction of the booking. Extreme Rules does seem like the most likely place for a reveal though, especially after fireflies and a lantern were spotted in some of the event’s artwork.

More indicators that the White Rabbit is Wyatt, and it has almost reached a point where the former WWE Champion is so expected that there might be backlash if it isn’t him. Wyatt left WWE during the summer of 2021 and hasn’t popped up anywhere else since. Perhaps he just needed some time off and we’re now a little more than a week away from what will be a pretty big return.

Source: TheSportster