Jim Ross Says He Assumes Saraya Will Wrestle In AEW

AEW commentator Jim Ross has joined the growing number of people who believe Saraya will compete as part of Tony Khan’s promotion.

Saraya hasn’t wrestled since Boxing Day 2017 when she suffered an injury at a WWE Live event.

The former WWE Divas Champion retired in April 2018 but remained hopeful of an in-ring return, before her departure from WWE this July.

Speaking on his Grilling JR podcast, Ross said he is hopeful that she will wrestle again.

“Saraya, I am assuming she’s going to be healthy enough to wrestle, I don’t know, I am assuming that she is.

“We will see, she’s a positive addition if so. It’s good, helps our women’s division I think, she was a good hand, and still is a good hand … so we will see.”

Neither Saraya nor AEW President Tony Khan have confirmed or denied claims that she will wrestle in AEW.

A recent report has suggested that she will wrestle given the amount she is being paid by AEW.

Source: EWrestlingNews