WWE SmackDown Preview 9/23/2022, Bray Wyatt?

Tonight’s WWE SmackDown live from Salt Lake City, Utah airing on FOX.

Could Bray Wyatt be making his long-awaited WWE return on tonight’s “WWE SmackDown?” The cryptic hints continue to pile up. Some time last night, Wyatt liked an April 2019 tweet from the late Brodie Lee that reads “Tomorrow there will be more of us.”

In addition to this, a QR code could be seen in the background of a backstage segment on “WWE Raw” this week. The code led to an animation of a rabbit playing the game Hangman. The puzzle’s clue was “Who Killed the World?” and the animation revealed the correct answer to be “You did.” Once the puzzle was solved, the text would change to say “9.23” in “SmackDown” colors, which just so happens to be today’s date.

Speculation began ramping up in recent days as WWE mysteriously began playing the Jefferson Airplane song “White Rabbit” during live events and commercial breaks for television tapings starting last week. While there is nothing confirming that the teases have to do with Wyatt, there’s no denying the song suits his character and style from throughout his WWE run, and the strange hints are certainly on-brand for Wyatt.

Fans also spotted several possible easter eggs on the poster for the upcoming “Extreme Rules” premium live event that seem like references to Wyatt. Paul “Triple H” Levesque even teased the possibility of Wyatt’s return in his recent interview with Ariel Helwani.

Wyatt was released by WWE in July of 2021 after an extended period of time off TV. Since that time, Wyatt has stayed relatively quiet, though rumors have swirled concerning his return since Vince McMahon stepped down as head of the company.