Update On The Status Of Several AEW Suspensions

Earlier this week it was reported that Pat Buck has had his suspension lifted by AEW, and according to Dave Meltzer on the latest “Wrestling Observer Radio,” Brandon Cutler, Christopher Daniels, and Michael Nakazawa are now all in the same position, and are able to return to work. 

The four men were all suspended alongside Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, Ace Steel, and CM Punk due to the backstage fight following the post-AEW All Out media scrum, with Tony Khan taking action on everyone that was in the room that night. However, it is believed that those who have had their suspensions lifted were just trying to break up the fight, rather than actually being involved themselves, which is likely why they are all now able to work again. 

AEW is holding a private third-party investigation into the incident to get to the bottom of it, and that is why they were all initially suspended so that could be carried out. But while these four men are now able to work again, the status of the other five is still very much up in the air. 

Buck was the only one out of the four that was backstage at “AEW Dynamite” this week, but both Daniels and Nakazawa are currently in Japan, where they are going to be involved in promoting AEW’s upcoming video game “Fight Forever,” at the Tokyo Game Show. Omega was also going to be involved in that, but while he is in Japan himself it is unknown if he will have anything to do with it. 

Source: Wrestling Inc.