WWE Backing Away From Plans To Go TV-14

Any plans by WWE to go TV-14 with their programming are potentially on hold, according to a report. As per PWInsider, while there was some truth to the idea that WWE was considering making their product TV-14, they’ve backed off of those plans, at least for now.

The report notes that the company will not be making the change with its TV rating. WWE Raw on USA and SmackDown on FOX will remain as TV-PG shows for the foreseeable future. This comes after a report in July from Andrew Zarian that an email was sent out among people at the USA Network about Raw becoming a TV-14 show. Future reports noted that the email went out prematurely, and now it sounds like the company has changed their minds altogether.

“WWE will be remaining TV-PG for the foreseeable future on both FOX and the USA Network.” noted Triple H in a company call Thursday morning. The plan seems to be to remain a family-friendly product that can gear its programming towards children not include foul language and blood.

While there will be some fans disappointed that WWE isn’t going to get into some of the more adult content, this isn’t the worst news. With Triple H in charge creatively, the company can still base its storylines on reality and find creative ways to appease the older fans.

So too, some fans believed WWE was only going TV-14 as a response to AEW’s programming and it might not be the best move for WWE to be seen as reactionary. One critique of AEW is that there’s too much blood and foul language for no reason.

The PG audience is a much bigger audience so it makes sense for WWE to cater to it. As for when TV-14 might be back on the table, that could all depend on business and how well or not well things are going for WWE.

Source: TheSportster