Backstage News On How AEW Dynamite World Title Match Came About

It’s now been two days since Jon Moxley defeated CM Punk to become Undisputed AEW World Champion in one of the more dominating World Championship matches in recent memory, and as the shock wears off, fans are wondering just how this whole thing came together and what’s happening next. Luckily a new report is here to confirm some details and provide an update on what fans can expect. In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer seemed to confirm that another Punk-Moxley match will be happening soon, while also backing up previous reports that revealed a Moxley-Punk TV match wasn’t originally in the cards.

“A rematch between the two will headline All Out on September 4 in Chicago,” Meltzer said. “The announcers gave Punk a backstory of perhaps coming back too soon. He limped out of the ring, and no doubt the story of the Chicago match is that he goes in injured. This was not the original plan as far as doing the television match and this type of match. 

“It wasn’t a ratings ploy, although the timing was such that they definitely wanted to boost ratings, as much as Moxley becoming the real champion as he personally hated the interim thing, and it being a way to tell a different story. Some didn’t like the short match. Others did. Some felt it would hurt doing a PPV rematch just 11 days later, and others felt the nature of how the match was done, being kept short and having an injury, puts more doubt and helps the PPV. Anyway, that answer to at least an extent will be determined shortly after the show.” It’s unknown when the Punk-Moxley rematch will be announced. Exclusive backstage footage of Punk following his loss is scheduled to be shown tonight on “AEW Rampage.”

Source: Wrestling Inc.