AEW’s Chief Legal Officer Has Contacted WWE About Alleged Contract Tampering

It might not be a war, but the healthy competition between WWE and AEW appears to have been ramped up since Vince McMahon retired and Triple H took over as head of creative. Tony Khan has admitted wrestling fans who had grown disillusioned with WWE would naturally be tuning back in to see what’s changed, even admitting there has been an improvement in the quality of his rivals’ product since The Game took over creative.

Outside of the quality of the shows, the biggest talking point since WWE’s backstage changes has been which wrestlers will be going where. Triple H has been bringing people back left and right, leaving some fans wondering if they now regret becoming All Elite. There have even been reports WWE approached someone currently under contract with AEW, presumably to gauge their interest in coming back.

It’s still unclear if that actually happened, and the wrestler approached has not been named. However, according to PWInsider, the topic has been taken very seriously behind the scenes in AEW. Khan held a company-wide meeting hours before Dynamite on Wednesday, and one of the many topics apparently discussed was the alleged approach by somebody from WWE.

According to the report, talent at the meeting were informed that AEW’s chief legal officer Megah Parekh sent an email to Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan. The email warned WWE’s co-CEOs against tampering with contracted AEW stars in the future. Parekh might not be a name many fans are familiar with, but apparently she is effectively Khan’s number two in AEW.

Approaching a talent who is under contract with a rival company is obviously a big no-no. Depending on what exactly is discussed, of course. If someone within WWE did do what they have been accused of, and plan on doing it again, it’s hard to imagine they would do it so overtly that they would leave themselves open to legal action. As for who that talent might be, that will be left to fans’ imaginations for the time being.

Source: TheSportster