Jeff Jarrett And WWE Have Parted Ways Again After Just Three Months

Jeff Jarrett has been a very busy man as of late. At the end of July, the Hall of Famer was the special guest referee in a Tag Title match at SummerSlam and then competed in Ric Flair’s last match 24 hours later. Jarrett may well have a lot more free time moving forward as he and WWE have reportedly parted ways yet again.

The news comes courtesy of PWInsider which reports Jarrett is no longer under WWE’s employ. This comes just three months after the former Intercontinental Champion was brought back into the fold. Jarrett was hired to be the senior vice president of live events. WWE also rolled a few TV appearances and the aforementioned referee spot into that since SummerSlam emanated from Jarrett’s hometown of Nashville this year.

The finer details of Jarrett’s departure from the company currently remain unclear. It might well be a case of him having a short-term deal with WWE and that deal has simply come to an end. PWI hammers home the use of the word “departed” by sources who revealed the news. No evidence as of right now that Jarrett was released, and it sounds as if this might have been a mutual decision.

What’s worth noting is the ongoing reshuffle backstage in WWE following on from the retirement of Vince McMahon. Jarrett was brought back into the fold under the old regime, meaning Vince was likely the one who made the call. Now Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are in charge, they may have decided Jarrett doesn’t have a place on the team. Or, the couple, plus Nick Khan, might have another name in mind for the role Jarrett occupied.

As already touched upon, Jarrett is a pretty busy man right now, even without WWE on the docket. A large chunk of his time is taken up by his My World podcast each week, the platform on which he might well officially address his WWE departure. New episodes of My World drop on Tuesdays, so expect some sort of explanation from Jarrett later this week.

Source: TheSportster