What Did MLW Management Tell Talent About Upcoming TV Taping Being Cancelled and Changed To A House Show?

Court Bauer’s MLW promotion has the slogan “the world of MLW never stops.” And for the first part of 2022 that was true, as MLW ran tapings in Dallas, Texas, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, Charlotte, North Carolina, and most recently Philadelphia and New York City for their Kings of Colleseeum and Battle Riot IV tapings. Those tapings were expected to hold the promotion over until their next set of tapings, which were scheduled for Chicago in July and El Paso, Texas in August.

Only this time, the world of MLW has stopped for the time being. Prior to the Battle Riot IV tapings in June, the promotion announced that the Chicago tapings in July would not occur, with MLW offering refunds and citing the reasons for cancelation as developments on the promotion’s new TV deal, in addition to their existing ones. Now today, it has emerged that MLW will go a second month without taping any television.

According to PWInsider, MLW has now canceled their TV tapings for August 27 in El Paso, Texas later this month, though the show will still take place as a house show. PWInsider also obtained an email from MLW’s Jared St. Laurent to talent no longer set for the El Paso show, notifying them of the change so they could open up dates for bookings that weekend. 

St. Laurent attributed the cancelation to the “lucha promoter” MLW was working with and claimed the promoter would not be bringing in as many talents as previously promised. St. Laurent also informed pulled talents they’d still receive half of their pay for the show, stating it was “a token of MLW’s appreciation.” He also acknowledged the frustration of these canceled TV tapings, while again stating MLW was working on finalizing a new TV deal.

PWInsider noted that MLW World Champion Hammerstone and former champion Jacob Fatu would be among the talents still scheduled for the house show and that it’s unknown if footage will be taped. As of this writing, MLW’s next TV taping is scheduled for September 18 in Atlanta, Georgia, with it being planned as a live broadcast.

Source: Wrestling Inc.