Karrion Kross And Scarlett Returns To WWE On SmackDown

Karrion Kross is back in WWE, and in a major way. He was dropped right into the main event scene between Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre.

With rumors circulating that Triple H was interested in bringing back Karrion Kross to WWE, it didn’t take long for that rumor to be proven accurate. During Friday’s SmackDown, Kross, along with Scarlett and her hourglass, returned and took aim at one of the brand’s biggest stars.

The closing segment of SmackDown featured a showdown between Roman Reigns, with The Bloodline, and Drew McIntyre. Reigns talked about how much he hates Brock Lesnar before demanding the WWE Universe acknowledge him. That brought out Drew McIntyre who didn’t waste any time asking the crowd if they wanted to see him wipe out the entire Bloodline prior to their upcoming match at Clash at the Castle. Before he could make good on his threat, a strange video was projected onto the entrance screen with a familiar theme song. It was hard to make out who was in the entryway, but it was a female figure. As McIntyre and Reigns looked on confused, Kross came in from behind and attacked McIntyre.

The announce crew wasn’t sure who it was exactly, until Pat McAfee shouted, “Karrion Kross?” Michael Cole then confirmed that was the case when the camera zoomed in on Kross. Cole said, “Karrion Kross, a former NXT Champion has returned.” Scarlett placed the hourglass on the ring apron and turned it over. Kross was staring at Reigns and pointed and tapped his wrist – Tick Tock, as to say Reigns has ben put on notice and his time is running out.

This is a big play by Triple H creatively. Not only did he bring back a recently-released former NXT Champion, but he’s plopped him right into the main event scene on the blue brand. Just prior to a big showdown between McIntyre and Reigns at Clash at the Castle, Kross is now a big part of the picture and it’s unclear how WWE will include him in all of this. Triple H was known to be a fan of Kross’ during his NXT run, suggesting he had all the tools to be a huge star. Clearly, he’s putting his money where his mouth is.

Source: Wrestling Inc.


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