WWE Lifts Ban On Forbidden Words [Report]

Reports indicate that WWE are easing up on restricted terminology amidst backstage shake up.

A constant complaint amongst WWE fans for years has been the companies strict avoidance of certain words and phrases in promos, interviews, media and on commentary. Having been an irritation for years, reports indicate that WWE are easing up on such rules, with banned terminology no longer forbidden from leaving talent’s mouths.

Reported in the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer details that amidst the various changes going on behind the scenes at WWE, talent have had some restrictions on what they can say lifted. More precisely, Meltzer reports that ‘wrestling’ and ‘wrestler’ are ‘no longer dirty words’. Whilst talent are sure to still be referred to as ‘WWE Superstars’ as part of the company’s branding objectives, the easing of the rules certainly gives talent more freedom in what they say.

Previously, terms such as ‘wrestler’ and ‘wrestling’ had been forbidden under the last several years of Vince McMahon’s reign over WWE creative. Cody Rhodes had attested to this recently, sharing how he had been fined $1000 for uttering the term championship ‘belt’, proving just how forbidden certain phrases had become.

As part of these reports, Meltzer notes that this change to terminology comes along with ‘a positive and fresh vibe’ that has swept through the company following the installation of the new management regime. Amongst talent, Triple H is seen as a more caring figure compared to Vince McMahon, and whilst there is still some worry for certain individuals about losing their spot under the new creative direction, the overall atmosphere backstage is ‘more excitement and more positive about the future’.

Just over a week into the new regime, it appears that change is coming much quicker than fans, or talent, might have expected. So far, the initiative under Triple H certainly looks to be angled towards giving talent more creative freedom and making their jobs easier as a whole. Whilst the lifting of a ban on certain terms may appear as a somewhat small measure, it is indicative of a broader approach to WWE programming.

Source: TheSportster