Chris Jericho Confirms He Broke His Nose During Barbed Wire Everywhere Match

Chris Jericho has confirmed that he suffered a legitimate injury during the Barbed Wire Everywhere match on Dynamite this week.

In a match full of crazy and dangerous spots involving barbed wire, tables, and chairs, it was a seemingly innocent move that might have dealt one of the wrestlers in the match the most painful blow. Chris Jericho has confirmed on social media that he suffered a broken nose during the main event of Wednesday’s Dynamite, Fyter Fest Week Two.

Jericho and Eddie Kingston fought in a match that featured barbed wire wrapped around almost everything close to the ring. But, it was a Codebreaker and a chair that fell awkwardly that got him. Jericho went to deliver the move to Kingston while Kingston was going for a chair shot. As the two were falling to the mat, the chair came down with it and the leg hit Jericho across the bridge of the nose, breaking it. On Thursday night, Jericho said via Twitter, “Just left the doctor’s office. It’s official….that SAVAGE @MadKing1981 broke my nose last night. #barbwireeverywhere @AEW”

In the tweet, there is a video showing multiple angles of the moment when Jericho was injured. He immediately turns away and when his face is shown again to the camera, it’s clear he busted his nose. He continued on with the match, eventually winning thanks to help from the Jericho Appreciation Society. Ultimately, Kingston put him through a barbed wire stage and Jericho was stretchered out of the arena.

A broken nose wasn’t about to stop Jericho from finishing the match. There were a number of spots to get through and while the match hasn’t been well received by all, it was clear both Kingston and Jericho were willing to put themselves through a lot of pain in order to entertain the fans. Jericho toughed it out for the sake of finishing the bout. This isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last something goes wrong in a match and The Sports Entertainer has to battle through.

It doesn’t appear he’ll miss any time.

Source: TheSportster