Swerve In Our Glory’s AEW Tag Title Win Might Be Invalid

Swerve may have pinned the wrong man to end the match.

This year’s Fyter Fest kicked off on Dynamite this week. What was once a one-night event is now a two week affair that will be spread across four shows. Two episodes of Dynamite and two episodes of Rampage. Show number one came to a close with what was a terrific triple threat tag team match, and the crowning of new AEW Tag Team Champions.

Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland, who currently go by the team name Swerve In Our Glory, won the match, becoming champions in the process. However, a very close analysis courtesy of Wrestling Inc. has revealed the pinfall that resulted in a title change probably shouldn’t have counted. While Swerve was the legal man, the person who he pinned, Team Taz’s Ricky Starks, was not the other one.

There are two different rule sets used in three-way tag matches. Either one member of each team is legal at the same time, or only two people can be legal at once and you may need to tag an opponent to get into the match. The latter ruleset was in play for the title match on Dynamite. At the 4:15 mark in the video below, Swerve and Matt Jackson tag into the match, making them the legal competitors.

It’s almost exactly four minutes later where things start to get confusing. Powerhouse Hobbs tags Ricky Starks into the match. However, Hobbs wasn’t the legal man. Neither Swerve nor Matt Jackson had tagged out. That’s the last time anyone is tagged in the match, and it comes to an end with Swerve pinning Starks to win the match. If the video and analysis above is to be believed, Swerve didn’t pin the other legal man, so he and Lee shouldn’t have won the Tag Team Titles.

What remains unclear at this point is whether this was an accident, or whether AEW intended there to be ambiguity surrounding the title switch. If it was accidental, and news that Swerve didn’t appear to pin the right person to end the match becomes a big enough deal, AEW may well be forced to do something about it. If an ambiguous finish was the intention, then it will likely be addressed on Dynamite next week.

Source: TheSportster with credit to Wrestling Inc.