Vince McMahon Allegedly Paid Four Women $12 Million To Silence Sexual Misconduct Allegations

A new report has revealed Vince McMahon may have paid off multiple former employees to stay quiet.

Last month, allegations that Vince McMahon paid a former WWE paralegal $3 million in hush money after the two had an affair surfaced via the Wall Street Journal. That report led to McMahon stepping down as WWE’s CEO pending the result of an investigation by the company’s board. Today, those allegations have become far more serious as new reports that McMahon has paid off multiple women have emerged.

The report once again comes from the Wall Street Journal which has now revealed McMahon allegedly paid off as many as four women going back 16 years. Those payments apparently total $12 million, with one of the four unnamed women included in the report being paid $7.5 million by McMahon. The report claims that amount was paid to a former wrestler who McMahon allegedly coerced into oral sex before demoting her and then eventually neglecting to renew her contract in 2005.

The wrestler wasn’t paid off at the time, but reportedly met with McMahon and negotiated a deal for her silence along with her attorney. The second of the two women mentioned in the report apparently approached the company with unsolicited nude photos of their boss, presumably threatening to leak them should she not get paid. WSJ reports the former WWE contractor was paid $1 million in return for not sharing the photos online.

The third person mentioned in the new report doesn’t include as many details as the previous two. Just that a former manager with the company was paid $1 million in 2006 in return for their silence regarding an alleged sexual relationship between her and McMahon. The three new instances combined with the previous reports of a $3 million payment mean McMahon is now being accused of paying more than $12 million across almost two decades in return for the silence of former employees with who he has allegedly had sexual encounters.

WWE’s next move in all this remains unclear. The first report resulted in McMahon stepping back as CEO, but then appearing on SmackDown that week seemingly just to prove that he could. The new report also includes a $1.5 million payout to someone for allegations made against John Laurinaitis. The head of talent relations has been absent since the first report, replaced by Bruce Prichard pending the results of the investigation.

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