Vince McMahon To Appear On SmackDown After Stepping Back As WWE CEO

Following a report revealing the WWE board is investigating allegations made against Vince McMahon, the boss has temporarily stepped down as the chairman and CEO of the company. Vince’s daughter Stephanie has been appointed interim CEO and chairwoman pending the results of the investigation. Vince will remain in charge of WWE creative, something that will likely be addressed tonight on SmackDown.

Shortly after WWE issued a statement revealing Vince will be stepping back from his duties as the promotion’s chairman, a second reveal was made informing fans the boss will be on SmackDown tonight. What exactly Vince will be doing on the show hasn’t been clarified, but as you can see in the tweet below, the implication is he will be opening the show.

Putting Vince on TV amid all this, or rather Vince putting himself on TV in the middle of all this, is quite something. Although the results of the investigation could well prove nothing actually happened, and the currently inactive chairman may well be appearing on TV tonight to deliver a sincere message, advertising the way WWE has on social media makes it feel a lot like a way to get viewers off the back of something that is currently unresolved.

As for Stephanie, the interim chairwoman has already issued her first statement since being brought back into the fold just a month after she stepped away from her previous WWE duties. “I am honored to assume the role of interim Chairwoman & CEO. I love @WWE and all it continues to do to entertain billions around the world,” Stephanie tweeted.

More details about what exactly is going on behind the scenes in WWE will undoubtedly continue to emerge in the coming days and weeks. Perhaps most notably tonight when Vince opens SmackDown. There will likely be a lot of change coming, regardless of the results of the investigation. Plus, the allegations made against John Laurinaitis still haven’t been officially addressed.

Source: TheSportster


Shortly before 10 a.m. EST, CNBC’s Alex Sherman tweeted out just how McMahon would be approaching his appearance on tonight’s broadcast.

“New from CNBC: Vince McMahon will speak tonight on SmackDown IN CHARACTER as Mr. McMahon to address his temporary absence,” Sherman tweeted. “Could be a big ratings night for WWE. McMahon has torn up the script for SmackDown, which was written last night, I’m told.”