Chris Jericho And MVP Clashed In A Hotel After Dynamite This Week

Apparently Chris Jericho and MVP was involved in a heated verbal altercation.

The Wednesday Night War might have come to an end when NXT moved to Tuesdays nights, and there might be friends on both sides, but there is still a healthy competition between WWE and AEW. While some wrestlers might not care which side is doing better than the other and mean it, others very much do. That was reportedly made evident in a hotel lobby during the early hours of Thursday morning after Dynamite this week.

According to Wrestling Observer‘s Dave Meltzer, Chris Jericho and MVP came to verbal blows in a hotel in Houston, Texas. “Jericho was talking to Matt Hardy and MVP shows up. Most people didn’t know what was up and thought he was kidding around until it became clear he wasn’t kidding,” Meltzer explained. Apparently the argument may have hinged on an issue between the two that dates back 18 months.

Apparently no punches were thrown, nor was there a physical altercation of any kind, but it seems likely that might have been the case had the two not been separated. “Nothing bad happened even though it was a tense situation. Jericho did tell him that he doesn’t fight jobbers when he got in the elevator ad MVP was screaming it in the lobby,” Meltzer went on to say.

Jericho and MVP will have shared a WWE locker room in the past, but not for a very long time. By the time MVP returned for his latest stint in WWE during the 2020 men’s Royal Rumble, Jericho had already become All Elite. In fact, it has been more than 12 years since the two were in the same match together. Coincidentally, that match was the 2010 Royal Rumble.

As for why the two of them don’t get along to the point that they openly fought, at least verbally, remains unknown. What would happen if the two of them had been allowed to fight, that’s anyone’s guess. MVP seems like a pretty tough guy, but apparently Jericho once managed to restrain Goldberg backstage, so he’s definitely not someone you’d want to mess with if it can be avoided.

Source: TheSportster