Judgment Day Turn On Edge, Finn Balor Becomes Newest Member

It’s not clear if Finn Balor is the new leader, but he’s certainly now a member of Judgment Day. Oh ya, and Edge has been booted from the group.

With both Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley saying it was time they shed everything that was holding them back, both decided to dump Edge as the leader of their group Judgment Day and both have sided with Finn Balor, who is now officially a part of the group.

At the onset of Monday Night Raw, it was announced that Judgment Day was going to reveal a new member. A countdown clock began and as the segment approached, it seemed like the group was going to add a member and make the faction a group of four. Instead, after Finn Balor was seemingly introduced as the newest member, everyone but Edge was in on the plan to dump him as their leader. They turned on him, sided with Balor, and Judgment Day stayed a group of three, simply swapping one member for another.

Edge said that he was excited to introduce the newest member of Judgment Day as Finn Balor. Balor came to the ring and looked like he was going to join when Priest grabbed the mic and said “We are ready to shed the last bit of limitations holding us back.” He turned to Edge and said, “Which is you.” A shocked Edge then ate a clothesline and Ripley, Priest, and Balor all attacked. Edge tried to fight back with the strength of a positive response from the crowd that was stunned to see what was unfolding, but it was no use. Edge took a Concharito for his troubles and the new version of the faction was here to stay. The former leader of the group was its patriarch no longer.

It wasn’t explained by Balor was able to convince the group to turn on their leader, especially when things were going so well for the group. The trio had just beaten Balor and his tag team partners AJ Styles and Liv Morgan the night before. One thing was for sure, it caught a number of fans off guard.

Source: TheSportster