Report: XFL Teams, Cities and Logos Coming June 1st

Over the weekend, Randy Karraker, co-host of Karraker & Smallmon on 101ESPN in St Louis, said that the XFL is returning to STL via his Instagram account but didn’t give much detail.

Today on his show, he was asked about those comments, and this is what he had to say.

“My information is that the League will announce their cities and teams and logos on June 1st, and the BattleHawks will be part of the new XFL with the Rock and with Dany…. a couple of interesting things… apparently Anthony Becht is the inside favorite to become the head coach here in St. Louis. A former St. Louis Rams tight end. Apparently, Jim Haslett is going to wind up in Seattle with that franchise. So Anthony Beck is probably the head coach here.”

So June 1st, will we get team names, cities, and logos. He also mentioned that Anthony Becht is the front runner for head coach of the BattleHawks.

For the last several weeks, our own XFL Insider Mike Mitchell has reported the eight cities and Becht as the new head coach in St Louis. What is new is that we will get an official announcement on June 1st.

They also confirm what has been reported by Mike Mitchell and that the XFL will play in a modified hub based in Dallas. From there, teams will travel to games home and away.

“Another thing that I found interesting is that the League, the USFL is practicing and playing all their games in Birmingham. And while the XFL teams are going to play, for example, the BattleHawks will play in the Dome here. They’re going to practice in Dallas, and that’s a way to be more efficient financially and then travel to where the site is. So if the BattleHawks playing Seattle here at the Dome, both teams will travel from Dallas to St. Louis to play the game and then go back to Dallas. And that’s essentially where the players will live.”

They talk about the importance of the XFL to practice in the home location at some point, about how KaKaw is the Law, the three teams in Texas, the hated Tampa Bay Vipers, and more.

You can listen to the full comments at 1:47:00 on the podcast feed.

Source: XFL News Hub