Triple H’s WWE Office Duties Have Reportedly Changed

In the wake of Stephanie McMahon’s shocking announcement that she was taking a leave of absence from WWE yesterday, many have been wondering what this means for the status of her husband, retired WWE star and Executive Vice President of Global Strategy & Development Triple H, with the company. The answer is he’s still around, in a way.

A new report from Fightful Select noted that Triple H is officially back working at WWE offices full time following his cardiac event last year that forced him to retire. But despite his return and retaining his current corporate role, sources told Fightful Select that Triple H’s current duties are drastically different than they were before his absence. It was not reiterated further what that means.

It should be noted that Triple H was part of WWE’s annual meeting with shareholders yesterday, where he took questions on WWE’s NIL (Next In Line) program and WWE’s overall approach to developing talent. He also stated that WWE was continuing to explore plans to expand the WWE Performance Center, both domestically in the US and abroad.

WWE sources also denied to Fightful Select that marital issues played any part in Stephanie McMahon’s decision to take a leave of absence from her duties as WWE Chief Brand Officer. Rumors had emerged of potential marital strife between McMahon and Triple H, who have been married since 2003 and have three daughters, after photos of McMahon without her wedding ring from WrestleMania 38 weekend emerged on the internet recently. One of which, featuring GCW owner Brett Lauderdale, can be seen below.

Source: Wrestling Inc.