“Chaos” Backstage At AEW As Multiple Stars Reportedly Disgruntled

MJF isn’t the only one unhappy at AEW, according to a certain source.

It’s rumored that there’s been a lot of discontent behind the scenes at AEW in recent times.

We’ve already seen Cody and Brandi Rhodes walk away from the promotion, which has also failed to agree new terms with lots of the talent they signed in 2019. There’s also lots of talk of MJF being unhappy and the star has teased that he could move to WWE when his contract is up.

According to the Voices of Wrestling podcast, MJF isn’t the only disgruntled wrestler on the brand. The source has cited a source from AEW’s locker room that claims the atmosphere backstage is “chaotic” as wrestlers are displeased over things like not knowing angles or finishes until shows are ready to kick off.

“A source from the AEW locker says that MJF is hardly the only talent feeling some level of discontent, describing the backstage atmosphere as ‘chaotic’ with a lack of structure, with common complaints ranging from not knowing angles or finishes until close to showtime, and things like redundant finishes and angles to set up matches being very frustrating,” Voice of Wrestling reported (H/T WrestleTalk.com).

AEW has had a great start as a promotion but not so much when it comes to 2022. Losing Rhodes came as a huge blow and, with one of the biggest names on the roster openly unhappy, Tony Khan may have a few issues to iron out.

Source: TheSportster