Nikki Bella Is Excited To Hear Vader Tell Stories At WWE Hall Of Fame

WWE Hall of Famers The Bella Twins, Nikki and Brie Bella, took to their YouTube Channel earlier today and gave an update about their WrestleMania 38 status.

According to Nikki, the duo is definitely going to be in Dallas this weekend and they are especially looking forward to the Hall of Fame ceremony.

“So yeah, actually we will be in Dallas because Brie and I will definitely be attending the Hall of Fame this year, which is right after SmackDown on Friday. When The Undertaker is getting inducted, you definitely show up. So, I’m so excited to see The Undertaker to get inducted, to be there in person for it.

“We actually get the opportunity to be there in person. I love that Vince McMahon is inducting him. I just can’t wait to hear the speeches, but it’s the Undertaker so I feel like it’s going to have some really cool production to it.

“Sharmell, congratulations! I am so proud that you are going to be in the WWE Hall of Fame, that is so amazing. Always have loved everything that she’s done. And to think Booker is going to be the one to induct her? Wow, what a night to be a married couple.”

Nikki Bella also took the time to express her excitement for Vader being inducted into this year’s Hall of Fame. It’s important to note that though she says she is excited for Vader to be at The Hall of Fame to tell stories from his career, Vader won’t personally be at the ceremony as he passed away in 2018 at the age of 63.

“And I’m also so excited that the WWE Universe will be welcoming Vader into the Hall of Fame. I always get excited for men of that generation to come to the Hall of Fame because they have the most incredible stories we’ve never heard,” she said. “And I always love when those men take the stage, and the women, and from that era of wrestling that was so iconic and so historic. So I’m really excited for Vader to be inducted into the Hall of Fame and just to have his presence there and hear his speeches.”

Nikki even teases toward the end of the video that The Bellas may even get into a bit of action at this year’s WrestleMania. After making their in-ring return at The Royal Rumble this year, it would be interesting to see if the duo has a longer run in the works.

“As far as action that weekend, well, the world of WWE, things change every day so just keep tuning in for that. And of course, I think we’ll be meeting a lot of you whether it’s virtually, or on panels, you will see Brie and I at some point in Dallas.”

Source: Wrestling Inc. with credit to The Bella Twins YouTube Channel