Killer Kross Books New Japan Debut With Minoru Suzuki Challenge

Former WWE Superstar Killer Kross (Karrion Kross) will make his NJPW Strong debut at Lonestar Shootout on April 1.

Killer Kross is heading to New Japan! Although he won’t actually be traveling to Japan … not yet, at least. The former WWE Superstar will make his NJPW debut at the promotion’s upcoming Lonestar Shootout event in Texas on April 1.

Kross imminent New Japan debut was announced via a video package shared on social media on Tuesday, March 15. In the video, Kross can be seen attacking trainee wrestlers in a gym. In a promo, Kross said that he earned the “Killer” monicker thanks to his accomplishments in and out of the ring. He then said that his “new beginning” begins in Texas and called out NJPW veteran Minoru Suzuki. The former NXT Champion signed off with his chilling catchphrase: tick-tock.

Source: TheSportster