WWE Looking To End Its Deal With 2K And Has Already Met With EA [Report]

Three days before WWE 2K22’s full launch, the studio behind the game might not be getting another chance at redemption.

Although WWE 2K22‘s full launch isn’t until later this week, the first impressions of the new game will be coming at you thick and fast over the next few days. Not only are reviews for the game gradually going up (you can check out ours below) but those who opted for the Deluxe Edition of the game can fire it up through early access right now.

WWE 2K22 is truly a make-or-break game for the series in every sense of the word. According to Mike Straw, via Fightful Select, WWE signed a six-year deal with 2K in 2016. Providing that contract wasn’t tweaked due to the cancellation of WWE 2K21, that deal will come to an end with the launch of 2K22. Straw also reports that WWE hasn’t been waiting around to find out what fans think of the game before putting feelers out.

Apparently WWE has already had talks with EA as it looks to possibly move on from 2K. EA is arguably the leading studio in the world when it comes to annual sports titles. Responsible for games like FIFA, Madden and UFC, while 2K is firmly in second place with WWE and NBA 2K under its umbrella. That may change at some point very soon though, presumably based on how well WWE 2K22 is received.

Then again, sources who have spoken to Straw suggest the success of 2K22 will need to be massive to keep WWE interested in penning a new deal. “The gaming market is a major selling point for them, and they believe they’ve fallen behind the competition,” one source said when relaying how WWE feels about 2K’s work in recent year. Also, there’s frustration over not being given the same effort and resources as NBA 2K.

As for whether WWE 2K22 really hits different or not, it certainly does, but probably not as much as a lot of fans hoping it will. The new modes are a good foundation for the future, as are a lot of the other elements ushered in by the game such as the control setup. However, if WWE does neglect to re-sign with 2K and shacks up with EA instead, those may be foundations that are never built on.

Source: TheSportster