AEW Planning To Use ROH As Its Developmental Territory [Report]

Tony Khan now owns ROH, and this might be what he has planned for the brand.

Khan revealed last night on AEW Dynamite that he has bought Ring Of Honor. Rumors that Khan had acquired the struggling promotion had started to circulate earlier in the evening and turns out those rumors were true. As for what exactly Khan plans on doing with ROH, which is currently on hiatus, well, that remains unclear.

According to a report from’s Cassidy Haynes, the current plan is for ROH to be AEW’s developmental territory. The NXT to AEW’s WWE, if you will. There will even be appearances from AEW’s “main roster” talent from time to time, again as is the case with NXT. Right now Dolph Ziggler is embroiled in a rivalry with Bron Breakker which has resulted in wrestlers milling back and forth between Raw and NXT.

Exactly what Khan now owns, and how much he paid for it, is also unclear at this time. The deal almost definitely includes ROH’s tape library which could lead to AEW launching a streaming service of some sort that will combine its own three years of content with 20 years worth of ROH stuff. Haynes was also told the deal is worth somewhere between $30 million and $40 million, but that information has not yet been confirmed.

ROH admitted all was not well with the promotion last year when it went on hiatus, releasing all of its talent in the process. However, it followed through on its promise that it would eventually return, announcing a Supercard Of Honor show over WrestleMania weekend. Despite AEW’s reluctance to piggyback on WrestleMania like the rest of the wrestling industry does, you would have to think the company will have a heavy presence on that show which takes place in Dallas on April 1.

Source: TheSportster