Kenny Omega Talks AEW’s Upcoming Console Game, Won’t Be On The Same Level As WWE 2K22, Cross-Platform

Kenny Omega is excited to see what WWE 2K22 has to offer.

This time of year is always pretty busy for the wrestling business. Elimination Chamber has been and gone, AEW Revolution is still to come, and then the month after that we’ve got WrestleMania. This year will actually be a little busier than usual as wrestling fans’ more than two year wait for a new WWE game will come to an end.

WWE 2K22 launches on March 11, with those of you who pay extra for the Deluxe Edition getting the opportunity to play three days earlier. As 2K reveals more and more about its upcoming game, wrestling video game fans are wondering when exactly AEW’s first console game will be here. There was a time when it almost seemed as if the two games might launch at roughly the same time.

Kenny Omega spoke about the project during an appearance on Wrestling Observer Radio. Suffice to say, AEW’s first game will not be launching at the same time as WWE 2K22. The Cleaner didn’t want to commit to anything but did say the team behind the game is hoping to reveal new information and perhaps even some new footage during the week of Revolution.

“We were hoping to possibly show a little more of where we’re at and progression and reveal possibly a new character,” Omega said. The Cleaner was also very candid about 2K22, admitting that AEW’s first offering simply won’t be able to compete with WWE’s next game. “We’ll never be able to compete with the production values of WWE’s game. 2K22 is absolutely gorgeous, I’m excited to see all their bells and whistles.”

Omega also revealed that the AEW console game will support cross-platform play. “We have a lot of match types, game modes, there is going to be cross-platform and an online component where you can create your own lobby,” Omega explained.

Even if you own it on one console, you’ll still be able to play with and against those who own it on something else.

Cross-platform is a long-awaited but relatively new feature in the video game world. The ability to play games online even if you own a title on PlayStation and your friend has it on Xbox. Such a new concept that some studios still aren’t interested. There has been no confirmation whether WWE 2K22 will do the same, although it seems likely as Community Creations will be able to be shared across multiple platforms.

As for which platforms AEW’s unnamed game will be available on, Omega did not divulge that information. Probably PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as PC and maybe even Nintendo Switch. That’s all speculation at this point, and it’s also worth noting that there has currently been no mention of WWE 2K22 launching on Switch. It might happen eventually but won’t arrive on March 11 as is the plan for other platforms.

It’s certainly an exciting time for the wrestling video game landscape right now. The first impressions of 2K22 are already in and while there have been good things relayed to those who are interested, those impressions appear to be mixed overall. Even though there’s still a long way to go for AEW, and Omega is being somewhat coy about it, there will still be a lot of excitement for the promotion’s first game. As Eric Bischoff always says, it doesn’t need to be better, it just needs to be different.

Source: TheSportster