Brian Kendrick Was Pulled From AEW Dynamite After Abhorrent Comments Resurface

Brian Kendrick’s planned AEW debut was canceled after comments he made regarding dangerous conspiracy theories resurfaced.

Brian Kendrick did not appear on last week’s AEW Dynamite.

On Wednesday, February 2, wrestling journalist David Bixenspan shone a light on offensive remarks Kendrick had publicly made in the past. In some footage recorded in 2011, Kendrick can be seen discussing dangerous antisemitic conspiracy theories. In another interview, Kendrick claimed that the number of Jewish people murdered by Nazis during the Holocaust is much lower than the consensus would suggest. This claim is, of course, total and utter bullshit and only a bigot with a severe case of brain worms would buy into it.

AEW boss Tony Khan took to Twitter shortly before Dynamite to announce that Kendrick had been pulled from the show.

We’ve been made aware of abhorrent & offensive comments made in the past by Brian Kendrick,” TK wrote. “There’s no room in AEW for the views expressed by Brian. We think it’s best for all that Brian be pulled from tonight’s card as we gather more info. We’ll announce a replacement bout ASAP.”

The canceled match with Jon Moxley would have been Kendrick’s first since October 2020 when he teamed up with Mansoor to defeat Ever-Rise (no known as 2point0 in AEW) on WWE 205 Live. As you might recall, Kendrick seemingly announced his retirement back in April 2021 in a video filmed at the Performance Center and posted to WWE’s YouTube channel.

Brian Kendrick has issued an apology, of sorts, after antisemitic comments he made in the past resurfaced.

I apologize for all the hurt and embarrassment I have caused with my words. These are not my beliefs and never were beliefs of mine, and I crossed the line,” Kendrick tweeted on Wednesday, February 2.

I spread the most vile comments without thinking of the damage it would cause,” he added in a follow-up tweet. “I will live with this regret for the rest of my life. I am truly sorry for the pain I have caused.”

Source: TheSportster