Did AEW Tease (Windham) Bray Wyatt’s Arrival During Dynamite?

AEW seemingly hinted at Bray Wyatt’s upcoming arrival during the 12-man Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal.

Something strange happened during the Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal on last night’s episode of AEW Dynamite that has led to speculation about the potential arrival of another former WWE star.

The lights flickered during the 12-man Battle Royal match. A blue light covered the ring, and that was followed by a red light. Naturally, some are wondering if AEW was hinting at the upcoming debut of (Windham) Bray Wyatt.

Red lights were a signature feature of Wyatt’s entrance for his “Fiend” gimmick. He even wrestled a handful of matches with the red lights filling up the arena.

MJF and Dante Martin emerged as the co-winners of the Dynamite Diamond Battle. Those two stars will now face off at next Wednesday’s Winter Is Coming special to determine the winner of the Dynamite Diamond Ring. And Winter Is Coming just might feature the arrival of Wyatt, who was released from his WWE contract back on July 31.

Wyatt’s 90-day non-compete clause expired back on Oct. 29, so he’s been free to sign with another promotion for a while now. AEW President and CEO Tony Khan has expressed interest in talking to Wyatt, who’s working on a movie with close friend Jason Baker.

Source: TheSportster