Gargano Says Goodbye To WWE NXT, Kyle O’Reilly, Tommaso Ciampa And Shawn Michaels Say Goodbye To Johnny Gargano After NXT

Johnny Gargano’s potential NXT exit has been on the cards for a while now. As was the case with Adam Cole earlier this year, Gargano’s contract was coming to an end and WWE was keen to renew it. Again, just like Cole, Johnny Wrestling signed a short extension so that he could tie up some loose ends. In this instance, those loose ends were a WarGames match and the chance to say goodbye to the NXT Universe.

After losing what might be his final match in NXT on Sunday, Gargano promised fans he would tell them everything on NXT two nights later. That was sort of true, and it seems whatever Gargano has got going on next, he won’t be back on the formerly black and gold brand for a while. The segment ended with Grayson Waller cutting Gargano short by hitting him with a steel chair.

That might be where the episode ended, but the in-house show continued. Various other wrestlers and NXT staff came to the ring to share Gargano’s moment and say goodbye to him. Kyle O’Reilly was the first to join him, embracing his NXT peer. O’Reilly’s contract also comes to an end this week which means Tuesday’s episode could well have been a goodbye for him too.

Tommaso Ciampa was the next person to join Gargano and say goodbye. Best friends in real-life, the pair’s journey on-screen might well be one of the most iconic in NXT history. From a legendary run as the tag team DIY to their brutal and incredibly personal series of TakeOver matches. Gargano also embraced Shawn Michaels when he joined in on the goodbyes who came to the ring with the former NXT Champion’s wife, Candice LeRae.

That’s it for Gargano in NXT, at least for now. Although he promised to tell fans everything, there are still a few questions hanging over Gargano’s future. That might well be because he doesn’t know what that future holds himself. There’s a chance he could re-sign with WWE and be back for revenge on Waller, probably after the birth of his baby. However, if he allows his contract to run out later this week, Gargano will be free to show up anywhere he likes starting from December 11.

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  1. […] The following Tuesday on NXT 2.0, Gargano cut an impassioned, emotional promo that felt very much like a farewell speech. Tragically, the NXT stalwart was unable to finish the speech because he was ambushed and brutally beaten down by Aussie upstart Grayson Waller. Waller’s attack on Gargano seemed to cause some confusion regarding whether Gargano was actually bidding NXT farewell, or whether the whole thing was just an angle. […]

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