Triple H And Stephanie McMahon’s Oldest Daughter Has Started Wrestling Training

Another generation of McMahons is already preparing for their in-ring debut.

Wrestling is very much a family business for a lot of people. The Guerreros, the Harts, the Von Erichs. The list of families who have so many members in the business that they have become synonymous with the industry goes on and on. You can’t leave the McMahons off that list, of course. Whether you like Vince McMahon and WWE in its current form or not, there’s no knowing where wrestling would be today without the McMahon family.

The McMahons have been wrestlers ever since Vince first decided to trade the boardroom and the announce desk for the ring, and his father and grandfather were promoters before him. Shane and Stephanie have followed in their father’s footsteps, and it seems even more McMahons will be entering the ring and be a part of WWE in the future.

That’s according to Stephanie who recently revealed to TalkSport that hers and Triple H’s oldest daughter has already started training. “Just like her grandfather, she wants to be the boss so we’ll see what happens with my oldest daughter who has already started training in the ring,” Stephanie said.

The WWE power couple’s oldest daughter is 15 and is called Aurora. Apparently, when she was eight, she told her parents she doesn’t want their jobs, she wants Vince’s. If Aurora is going to follow in her grandad’s footsteps, then that will require competing in the ring as well as running the company. She clearly seems to be preparing for that having already started to train. Their youngest daughter is also interested in the business, but Stephanie didn’t mention their middle daughter.

Since Aurora is only 15, her in-ring debut is still a long way off. It’s exciting to think that there is another generation of McMahons waiting in the wings. Not just Triple H and Stephanie’s three daughters, but also Shane’s three sons. As for Aurora, since she is only five years younger than The Rock’s daughter Simone Johnson, and Johnson is already under contract in NXT, perhaps the two will reignite their dads’ rivalry a decade or so from now.

Source: TheSportster

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