Jeff Hardy Reveals His Idea To Bring Back The Willow Character

Jeff Hardy hasn’t gone to creative to ask yet, but he’s hoping WWE lets him create a universe that includes his Willow character.

If Jeff Hardy gets what he wants, he’ll have an entire universe wrapped around his Willow character as a part of the SmackDown brand. Unfortunately, in order for him to get to that point, he needs to ask or pitch the idea first.

Speaking to Alistair McGeorge of Metro, Hardy stated that with Bray Wyatt gone, there’s potentially a lane opened up in WWE that would allow for a Superstar to create an entire world around their character. He noted, “I think there’s something special about Willow.” Hardy did admit that he’s not had the courage to go to WWE and pitch what he wants to do yet. “I’ve written down some ideas, I don’t know if they really make sense,” Jeff Hardy said. Perhaps concerned that the idea will get shot down, either because he doesn’t know how to make sense of his ideas or because WWE doesn’t want to go there, he noted, “I’ve yet to pitch any to anybody creatively in WWE, so I just need to go in and do that, not hesitate. They might shut it down, but it might be cool.”

Saying he used to think The Fiend and the Wyatt character blend was so cool, he wants to do something similar now that Wyatt isn’t in WWE any longer. “It wouldn’t be exactly like that, but I’ve even had ideas like a Jeff Ross character – like I was a painter, a really silly painter Jeffery Ross, and then Willow would be my Fiend.” Knowing that might be too much like The Firefly Funhouse, he needs to be a bit more creative.

“But that’s what’s cool about pro wrestling, anything’s possible and anything can make sense if it’s thought out correctly and really believed in.” he said.

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