TakeOver Branding Dropped For Upcoming NXT 2.0 WarGames Event

WWE has confirmed that NXT 2.0 will run a WarGames event in 2021. Interestingly, the TakeOver branding is absent from all promotional artwork.

WarGames is officially coming back! On December 5, NXT will play host to the carnage that is WarGames in what will be the brand’s first pay-per-view since TakeOver 36 back in August. It will also be the first pay-per-view of the 2.0 era, which may explain why the TakeOver is branding is nowhere to be seen.

The 2021 WarGames event was announced during this week’s edition of NXT 2.0. The word “TakeOver” is absent from the promotional artwork that has been shared so far, and was not mentioned in any of WWE’s social media posts regarding the upcoming event.

NXT pay-per-views have used the TakeOver branding since 2014’s inaugural TakeOver event, which went down at Full Sail University on May 29 of that year and was the second-ever pay-per-view of WWE’s then-fledgling developmental brand. The brand’s first pay-per-view was called Arrival, but after TakeOver, every subsequent NXT pay-per-view was called TakeOver followed by a subheading (typically the name of the city in which the event was taking place, or a number denoting the number of TakeOvers that have occurred up to that point).

The WarGames match concept was dreamt up by the legendary Dusty Rhodes and originally held in the National Wrestling Alliance. It later became an annual event in WCW.

Source: TheSportster