Tony Khan Already Appears To Be Eyeing Up WWE’s Latest Releases

Tony Khan has said if WWE keeps releasing people, he can keep offering up shock debuts in AEW.

Tony Khan has said if WWE keeps releasing talent, he will have no shortage of new stars to bring in and get big crowd reactions.

Just when the WWE locker room thought it could breathe a sigh of relief, the company swung its axe and released even more of its talents. 18 more Superstars were shown the door last week including Ember Moon, Scarlett, and Keith Lee. After 30 or 90 days, depending on their contracts, those 18 stars will be allowed to work elsewhere in wrestling should they want to.

You might think Tony Khan would be easing off new signings considering how many of WWE’s released wrestlers he has signed for AEW already. However, comments he made to PWTorch’s Wade Keller suggest quite the opposite. “At the rate they [WWE] are letting big stars go and firing people, I will not have a shortage of people to debut in the months ahead,” Khan said to Keller.

The comment was born from a discussion about the multiple debuts at All Out. CM Punk and Ruby Soho wrestled their first AEW matches on the show, and Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson made surprise appearances within minutes of each other to close the PPV. Khan reveals it was his decision to load All Out the way that he did and explained why he still believes it was the right call.

“Since it was the biggest pay-per-view audience we’ve ever had, I wanted to give them the best pay-per-view we’ve ever done.”Khan goes on to say that the feedback from All Out was incredibly positive, cementing his belief that loading it up with debuts and surprises was the right thing to do.

Source: TheSportster