Chucky Bothering Bron Breakker At Halloween Havoc Was A Tribute To Rick Steiner

Chucky had a bone to pick with Bron Breakker at Halloween Havoc, much like he did with his dad Rick Steiner 23 years ago.

Chucky wasn’t bothering Bron Breakker and making random references to Rick Steiner for no reason. It was an obscure homage to WCW that many fans might not be aware of.

Halloween Havoc called NXT home on Tuesday night and played host to no fewer than three title changes. The Women’s Title and both sets of Tag Team Championships changed hands on the show. The only Superstar who was unable to win his title match was Bron Breakker who tried but failed to dethrone Tomasso Ciampa.

Those who watched Halloween Havoc will have had to put up with multiple Chucky references. The creepy doll was NXT’s special guest for the evening. However, not all of Chucky’s appearances were entirely random. The ones that revolved around Breakker were actually pretty cool tributes to his father, Rick Steiner.

In case you didn’t know, which is entirely likely as it happened on an episode of Nitro 23 years ago, Chucky was once a guest on WCW Nitro. The doll bothered Steiner that night, hence the multiple references involving Breakker at Halloween Havoc. The first one featured Breakker, who was preparing for his match at the time, being startled to find Chucky sitting in his locker.

The doll then played the role of hype man for Breakker and Ciampa’s main event match. Chucky even wondered out loud whether being a loser runs in Breakker’s family. No, that wasn’t a cheap shot at the Steiners by WWE as some fans may have interpreted it. It was indeed a call back to the obscure interaction between Steiner and Chucky on Nitro.

Despite what many fans thought might happen in the main event, Breakker did not come away from it the new NXT Champion. While he has been getting a monster push since NXT became NXT 2.0, and fans seem to be gravitating to him, that’s probably for the best. The title match at Halloween Havoc was only his fourth since signing with NXT.

Source: TheSportster