WWE Reveals Which Brands Most Undrafted Superstars Are Now On

An internal list distributed within WWE has revealed where a few of its undrafted Superstars now call home.

A new report has revealed where which brands a handful of WWE Superstars who went undrafted now find themselves on.

WWE held its two-night 2021 draft earlier this month, and now that Crown Jewel has passed, the picks made during that draft have now taken hold. That left a lot of fans with a few unanswered questions since some Superstars were left without a brand following the draft. A new report courtesy of PWInsider has cleared that up, to an extent.

There were nine Superstars left without a brand to call home following night two of the draft. Even the supplemental picks made during Raw Talk didn’t address the omissions. PWInsider’s report reveals that an internal list in WWE includes all nine of those stars. However, three of them are yet to be assigned to any brand.

The three stars left unassigned are Bayley, Lacey Evans, and Eva Marie. Evans recently gave birth, and Bayley is sidelined with a long-term injury, so not giving them a brand makes sense. Marie not having a show is interesting, though. The last time All Red Everything was on WWE TV, Shayna Baszler was seemingly breaking her arm as part of an angle. Perhaps the real reason for that was so Marie could have time off to recover from a real injury or for some other reason.

As for the other six Superstars, Brock Lesnar is currently assigned to SmackDown despite boasting he will be a free agent. He won’t be showing up anywhere for a while since he was suspended as a part of his ongoing rivalry with Roman Reigns last week. Dakota Kai also makes the list, and despite wrestling trial matches during dark matches on the main roster, it seems she will remain in NXT.

The remaining four names on the list are Asuka, Elias, Gran Metalik, and Lince Dorado. All four of them are currently assigned to Raw and appear to have been absent for a variety of different reasons. Metalik reportedly requested his release, and it seems likely that if he leaves, Dorado will follow him. WWE teased a return for Elias via a number of packages only to seemingly scrap it unannounced. As for The Empress, well, why she hasn’t wrestled for more than three months remains a mystery.

Source: TheSportster