Report Suggests Charlotte Ruining Friendships In WWE Locker Room Due To Recent Behavior

Reports keep surfacing about Charlotte’s situation in WWE. The latest is that she’s made a number of enemies backstage due to her behavior.

The Charlotte Flair reports that have her in speculated hot water with management and her fellow WWE wrestlers are only growing over the weekend. According to a new report by Wade Keller of PW Torch, Charlotte has been acting so strangely and become so paranoid about her place in the WWE pecking order that she’s lost a number of friends and Becky Lynch is being seen as a bit of a hero backstage for not letting Charlotte get away with her immature behavior.

Keller offered an update on PWTorch VIP regarding the recent situation between Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch that stemmed from their segment on WWE SmackDown this past Friday. The reports suggest things have been heated backstage for a lot longer than this past Friday when Flair dropped the title belt on the mat and allegedly refused to do the angle as scripted because she thought it would make her look bad.

Keller contends that trusted sources, who don’t have anything against Charlotte, noted, “From what I’m told from people behind the scenes [is that] none of the women want to work with her.” He adds, that it’s not limited to wrestling. They don’t want to be in the same segment, in the ring, on the mic with her because they can’t trust she won’t just go into business for herself in an attempt to save face. He noted, “I don’t hear anyone defending Charlotte in this” and said that “Charlotte’s acting is gonna cause issues both with colleagues and with management.”

Keller said, “Charlotte has a reputation flat out for being difficult and constantly concerned that she’s not getting the respect that someone of her stature and accomplishment or at least her character stature and her character’s accomplishment.” As such, she’s been doing what she wants in the ring which could explain her run-in with Nia Jax a number of weeks ago and why the Lynch segment on Friday seemed so off. Charlotte has been telling people backstage the belt drop was an accident, but it doesn’t sound like people are buying it because she’s developing a pattern for acting in her own best interests.

The biggest takeaway from Keller’s comments is that Charlotte has really isolated herself from the rest of the locker room and she’s quickly losing friends backstage. She seems to think that she’s untouchable because the women’s roster isn’t as deep and WWE needs her. At the same time, she’s “in her own head and overreacting to things and over scrutinizing things.”

All the while, her former friends and the rest of the division look at her and thinks she’s no better than anyone else there. Keller said, “… this situation needs to be addressed and I know there’s people who used to like Charlotte that don’t even recognize her anymore.”

Source: TheSportsterh/t to for the transcription