Ted DiBiase And His Sons Ordered To Repay Millions By State Auditor

WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase and his two sons are part of a group ordered to repay millions in misspent government funds

Ted DiBiase and his two sons are among a group of people ordered to repay large sums of misspent welfare money.

WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase and his two sons Ted Jr. and Brett find themselves tangled up in an investigation that now sees the three of them having to repay almost $5 million to the state of Mississippi. The investigation, which has been making headlines since 2020 due to the involvement of former NFL star Brett Favre, revolves around misspent welfare money.

State auditor Shad White has concluded his investigation and issued orders to those he believes are on the hook for repayments that tally up to $77 million. The DiBiases are on the hook for more than $4.8 million of that total, with DiBiase Jr. being ordered to repay an eye-watering $3.9 million. His father has been ordered to repay $722,000.

The investigation began when Brett DiBiase, along with five others, was arrested for embezzling welfare funds in Mississippi. Brett was a deputy administrator at the Mississippi Department of Human Services at the time and is one of only two people caught up in the scheme so far to have pleaded guilty. Ted Jr. was paid the money for his motivational speaking, while The Million Dollar Man received the money via his Christian ministry.

As touched upon above, Favre is the reason this case has been getting so much mainstream attention. Favre was originally accused of receiving $1.1 million of money for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. The retired footballer paid back $500,000 of that money. He has now been ordered to repay $828,000 which accounts for the remaining $600,000 plus interest.

DiBiase has actually been working with WWE while this investigation was being conducted. The Hall of Famer worked with Cameron Grimes and LA Knight in NXT, reintroducing the Million Dollar Championship for the two of them to feud over. If the DiBiases, Favre, and everyone else ordered to repay the misspent funds refuse to do so, then they will face civil lawsuits in the future.

Source: Mississippi Today via TheSportster