Impact Reveals Digital Media Championship

Impact has added a Digital Media Title to its ranks, and it seems as if both men and women can compete for it.

Impact unveiled its Digital Media Championship this week, and it appears both male wrestlers and Knockouts will be eligible to compete for it.

Every promotion needs a core set of titles. A World Championship, Women’s Title, and tag team belts. As for what a promotion chooses to build on that foundation when it comes to other titles is up to their creativity and imagination. Impact Wrestling has always been pretty creative when it comes to that corner of the business, and it continued to prove that via the reveal of an all-new championship this week.

During this week’s episode of Impact TV, a video package aired announcing a tournament for its new Digital Media Championship. The title’s gimmick is that, for the most part, it will only be defended on shows that air online. Whether it be via Impact’s YouTube channel or on Impact Plus. The package also makes it seem like both men and women will be able to compete for the title.

While that has not yet been confirmed by Impact, the video, which you can check out below, features Knockouts like Tenille Dashwood and Chelsea Green alongside some of the male stars who will presumably be a part of the tournament. The bracket is yet to be announced, but the first matches will take place on October 5. The tournament’s final and the first-ever Digital Media Champion will be crowned later this month at Bound For Glory.

Source: TheSportster