Paige Has Got Fans Thinking She’ll Be Back In The Ring In 2022

Paige has got some fans convinced she’ll be back in the ring in 2022 thanks to a one-word tweet.

Paige has continued to fuel rumors that she may be preparing for an in-ring return, hinting that she could be back as soon as January 2022.

The word retirement has never really meant much in wrestling. Wrestlers often have multiple retirement matches. However, more recently, even those who have been forced into retirement thanks to injuries have been stepping back into the ring. Edge and Daniel Bryan are the two biggest examples of wrestlers who were, at one point, told they could never wrestle again.

Paige appears to have been inspired by Bryan and Edge to try and get cleared to wrestle herself. The former Divas’ Champion has been hinting that she is training for an in-ring return, and her latest tweet appears to have confirmed when she is expecting to wrestle again. Paige simply tweeted “January” which has got fans thinking that is when she’ll be back.

Paige wrestled her last match right at the end of 2017, suffering a scary-looking injury when she was kicked in the back by Sasha Banks. The Norwich native had recently returned to the ring after more than a year off. During that time Paige had surgery on her neck and it seems the damage was more extensive than initially feared.

However, three years later, Paige’s injuries may have been rested enough that they have recovered so that she can wrestle again. Either that or medicine has progressed to a point that there are more ways her body can be helped and fixed. The January tweet could also mean nothing, of course, or could be in relation to something entirely different. Perhaps a wrestling project that doesn’t involve her stepping back between the ropes.

Whether it’s in the ring or out of it, it will be interesting to see where Paige shows up next. Although she hasn’t appeared on WWE TV for a while, it’s assumed she is still under contract with the company. January might even be an indicator as to when Paige’s contract comes to an end. It has been reported WWE has been going through contracts checking dates and clauses after what happened with Adam Cole and Malakai Black. Perhaps an upcoming end date for Paige’s contract was discovered in the process.

Source: TheSportster