Brian Cage And His Wife Suggest He’s Being Misused By AEW

Brian Cage’s wife took to social media to suggest AEW has overlooked him and isn’t treating him like the star that he is. He agreed.

It was only a matter of time before certain members of the AEW started using social media to hint they’re getting frustrated with their roles in AEW. With so many new faces and big-name talent coming into the wrestling promotion, other stars were bound to get pushed aside. Whether fans view Brian Cage as one of those stars being overlooked, and whether or not they agree he’s got the ability to be a top-level guy is up for debate. Still, his wife seems to think so and it appears the wrestler himself tends to agree.

Cage’s wife took to social media on Thursday and flat out said her husband was a star and was being misused by AEW. Melissa Santos used Twitter to vent about how AEW has seemingly cast him aside in favor of other talents. She noted, “Brian Cage is a superstar. Those people who know him from the indies, Impact, Lucha Underground where I met him know that he is a superstar. All you have to do is google him and watch all of his matches. He’s a superstar and he’s being misused right now.”

While spouses have been known in the past to speak out on behalf of their other halves, Cage actually retweeted a post his wife put together and included a meme of Will Smith shrugging his shoulders with the caption, “I mean…” The hint here is that he didn’t think she was wrong in her assessment and that he recognizes AEW should be doing more with him. Specifically, he shared a screenshot of an article suggesting he has gotten lost in the shuffle in AEW.

Cage was brought into the company last year as a surprise entrant in a Casino Battle Royale. Since then he’s been part of Team Taz and then booted from the group, only to wrestle more on Dark shows than on Dynamite or Rampage. He recently lost a match to Powerhouse Hobbs, who AEW seems very keen on pushing.

Cage may not be wrong, but there’s only so much television time to go around in AEW and the company is signing a lot of people on a regular basis. As such, originals and talent who have been in the company for a few weeks are bound to get less time to show their stuff. What’s interesting here is that Cage is actually still being featured in segments and matches and has been a regular on AEW programming. It’s hard to imagine what more he (or his wife) really wants considering he’s part of a company that has a ton of eyeballs and major buzz surrounding it.

Source: Jim Parsons/TheSportster

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