Unexpected Raw Changes A Result Of Vince McMahon Losing Cool Backstage [Rumor]

The somewhat unique episode of Raw, one that didn’t feature most of the advertised matches, was rumored to be a result of Vince McMahon flipping out.

According to PWInsider.com, the reason Monday Night Raw seemed like a bit of an odd show was because it was writter, re-written and the re-written again. A three-hour program that featured a lot of talents fans haven’t seen in a while, but also wins by unexpected talents and what appeared to be a shoot fight during the Nia Jax and Charlotte match was just the start of a show that felt different from many of the Raw’s that preceded it.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider writes, “Yesterday was one of the ‘longest’ days in a long time for the WWE Creative team, according to several sources who reached out to PWInsider.com today.” They add that McMahon was extremely unhappy with the original plans for the show, “ripped up the script” several times and even tossed out the initial rewrite. They note that in that rewrite, some of the ideas were actually pretty good but Vince ditched most of them, before finally writing the show himself. They add, “Until 6 PM EST, there was no official direction or plan for the episode” and added, “One source who went through the process described it as “the loudest and angriest” they’d ever seen McMahon on a show day.”

Reports like this should be taken with a bit of skepticsim. At the same time, it was clear Monday’s Raw was unique. It’s fair to assume there were last-minute changes and that either stars weren’t available or Vince just decided to scrap everything the company had promoted the week prior, including two advertised matches.

While the idea that Vince has all these writers and doesn’t listen to any of them is troubling, but also that the talent likely had little idea what was expected of them prior to going out and performing isn’t wonderful news. That said, the show was rather interesting and at times, quite entertaining.

Sure, some of that might have been akin to watching a car crash live, but good portions of the show were well done.

Source: TheSportster