Impact Wrestling Reportedly Will Make A Push For Bray Wyatt

According to a report, Impact Wrestling is set to make a push for Bray Wyatt, who was released from his WWE contract on July 31.

Bray Wyatt’s 90-day non-compete clause doesn’t expire until late October, so wrestling promotions still have ample time to negotiate with the former Universal Champion.

Wyatt was unexpectedly released from his WWE contract on July 31, abruptly ending his 12-year run with the company. Wyatt was reportedly told by John Laurinaitis that he was being let go due to budget cuts.

It was previously reported that Wyatt is bound for AEW, but that apparently isn’t a lock to happen (you can read more about that here). Not only that, but it looks like AEW will have serious competition for Wyatt’s services.

On the Sunday Night’s Main Event podcast (h/t, Dave Meltzer reported that Impact Wrestling is “really after” Wyatt. At this time, however, it’s unclear if Wyatt is interested in joining them.

Impact Wrestling Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore recently hinted that former WWE superstars Buddy Matthews (Murphy in WWE) and Braun Strowman will soon join the company. Matthews and Strowman were released from their WWE contracts on June 2.

It should be noted that if Wyatt were to sign with Impact or AEW, he would be able to appear in both companies since the two promotions have a working partnership. AEW wrestler Kenny Omega held the Impact World Championship for 10 days. So Wyatt could theoretically be used as a top main event star in both Impact AEW.

WWE somehow missed so many great opportunities with Wyatt. His release may actually end up being a blessing long-term, since Wyatt’s next employer will most certainly maximize his wrestling creativity, uniqueness and skill set.

There will be no shortage of options for Wyatt when it comes to choosing the next chapter of his wrestling career. Former Universal and WWE Champions don’t hit the open market very often, and he would be an ultra-valuable addition to AEW or Impact Wrestling.

Source: TheSportster