Goldberg Reveals How Many More Matches Are Left On His WWE Contract

Goldberg appeared on The Bump this week and revealed that he only has two more matches left on his current WWE deal.

SummerSlam is almost upon us and Goldberg will be getting a WWE Title shot as part of the proceedings. The one title that has managed to evade the Hall of Famer for his entire career. Some fans are unhappy that Goldberg is able to waltz in whenever he likes and demand a title shot, while more casual fans are happy to see someone they know back and competing at the top of the card.

Goldberg’s age is one of the primary reasons some fans aren’t all that happy to see him back. When Goldberg’s age is combined with Bobby Lashley’s, it makes their WWE Title match this weekend the second oldest in the championship’s history. As for how much longer Goldberg thinks he can go, he may have shown his hand a little during an appearance on The Bump this week.

Goldberg was asked to pick a winner in the other World Title match taking place at SummerSlam, Roman Reigns versus John Cena. After declaring he isn’t backing either of them, he digressed into speaking about which one he would prefer to face. That conversation ended with the revelation he only has a couple of matches left on his current deal.

“I’ve only got one more match, or two more matches on my deal here so we’ll see what happens,” Goldberg says in the clip above. The hesitation over exactly how many matches he has left to wrestle might even suggest his showdown with Lashley could be one of those two matches. If so, he may have to choose between Cena and Reigns for his final match unless he plans on signing a new deal.

If Goldberg wins on Saturday, then perhaps the final match on his current deal will be against whoever he loses the title to. There’s even a chance both matches happen on the same night. Many are lobbying for Big E to cash in on Goldberg at SummerSlam so The New Day man can face his dream opponent and become WWE Champion on the same night. Whether a Money in the Bank cash-in counts as an official match in terms of Goldberg’s deal could be a little dubious, though.

Source: TheSportster