Tyler Breeze Says He’s Taking A Break From Wrestling, Has No Interest In Joining AEW

Former WWE Superstar Tyler Breeze has opened up about his future plans and revealed that he has no intention of joining AEW.

Former WWE Superstar Tyler Breeze has revealed that he’s in no rush to get back in the ring following his recent release.

During a recent chat with Chris Van Vliet, Breeze said that he has no interest in signing for AEW as there’s so much going on that he’d probably get lost in the shuffle.

“There is a lot happening right now and it’s a very exciting time for wrestling, which is cool,” Breeze said.  “At the same time, at AEW, there are a lot of people debuting and everyone is moving around all over the place. I don’t know if I even wanted to go there if it would make a massive impact. I don’t think it would be like, “OH MY GOD!’ because now it’s kind of the norm and a lot of people are going there and there might be some big names going there. Nobody knows what’s happening. I just feel like now is not the time for me to even go towards there,” he added.

Breeze opened up about his future plans and said he’s planning to take a break from wrestling altogether. In 2019, Breeze opened a wrestling school called Flatbacks Wrestling in Apopka, Florida, with his former WWE colleague Shawn Spears, who now works for AEW. Breeze believes that teaching at the school will prevent him from getting rusty while he’s on hiatus.

“I’ve wrestled for 14 years straight and I’m okay with taking a break,” Breeze confessed. “My body actually likes it and I get enough wrestling at the school to keep myself good. Going out and wrestling on the Indies, I’m not currently taking any wrestling bookings because going out there and getting injured doesn’t appeal to me.”

However, the former NXT Tag Team Champion added that he might be tempted to get back in the ring for that right opponent.

“If there’s a match that’s fun, then I might do it, but for the most part, I kind of scratched the wrestling itch,” he said. “If it comes back, maybe, but right now I have enough other stuff on the go. I’ll do signings and appearances and seminars because I can, but in terms of jumping back in the ring and wrestling right away, I don’t have an interest for it. I like the other outside stuff I’m going and exploring that and giving my body a break and watching as a spectator.”

Breeze’s 11-year WWE career came to an end on June 25 when he was released by WWE alongside several of his now-former colleagues as a result of budget cuts, allegedly necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sources: TheSportster and Fightful